What is Dog Festival of Holland?

The Dog Festival of Holland is a gathering of dog owners and lovers, right here in Amsterdam. It is an opportunity to meet and connect with others. Not only for the dog owners, but also for their doggies!

The Dog Festival is also an occasion to introduce "Stichting hulp aan dieren in Turkije" and celebrate the 6th anniversary of DIHOO.

When & where is this glorious gathering?

The Dog Festival is being organized since 2014. With permission from the local authorities the festival will be held in the Rembrandtpark on the 2nd of June. The Festival starts at 12:00 and will continue till the doggies are tired!

Please see & click on map on the right for exact location. ->

Who organizes this festival?

The Dog Festival is an initiative of Stichting hulp aan dieren in Turkije in collaboration with Dogwalkingservice.nl & Dog Hotel Amsterdam.

Who can attend the Festival?

Dog owners who are clients of Dogwalkingservice.nl & Dog Hotel Amsterdam are personally invited to the festival. However, the Dog Festival is for open to all dog owners and lovers! Admission fee is €15,- and all income will be donated and will go to stray dogs in Turkey. You can get your ticket online or at the festival if there are any places left.


What shall we bring?

Just yourself and your doggie! We will try to provide enough food and drinks for everybody. We of course do not mind if you bring along something yourself that you want to share with others, maybe your specialty dish, tasty treats for the doggies or a nice wine.

Who is going to take care of all those doggies?

Every dog owner is responsible for both the on & off leash behavior of his/her dog. We do have professionals present that can help with any conflicts or problems.

Any other questions?

Do you have any other questions for us? Please do not hesitate to mail or call us!